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Year Three (Mrs Webster)

Welcome to Spring 1

Welcome back after Christmas! I hope you have had a lovely break and have had a well deserved break. Here is what we will be learning about this half term:




This half term in English, our focus text will be The Iron Man by Ted Hughes.


The Iron Man by Ted Hughes is the story of a giant mDan made of iron, who wakes up in pieces on a beach, assembles himself, and sets about wandering the English countryside. He meets humans, who initially fear him, though soon accept him. When Earth is threatened by a gigantic monster from space, the Iron Man takes it upon himself to save mankind and bring peace to the world.


The outcome of the unit will be creating a narrative.


We will cover these reading objectives:

  • Make predictions based on details stated
  • Identify, discuss and collect favourite words and phrases which capture the reader's attention and interest
  • Identify key points in a text
  • Drawing inferences around characters thoughts, feelings and actions


We will cover these writing objectives:

  • Select, generate and effectively use adverbs e.g. suddenly, silently, soon, next, eventually
  • Identify, select, generate and effectively use prepositions for where e.g. above, below, beneath, within, outside, beyond
  • Explore, identify and create complex sentences using a range of conjunctions e.g. when, if because, although, while, since, until, before, after, so.
  • Form and use the four basic handwriting joins.




We will be following the White Rose scheme for mathematics, where children will be offered the chance to challenge themselves with fluency, problem solving and reasoning questions.

We will also be looking at multiplication and division, with the following objectives: 


Guided reading

The children have guided reading sessions everyday, on a carousel basis. Each group has a book suited to their reading level, and will complete: a guided read, a follow up task, a SPaG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) activity, comprehension and pre-read task.


This half term we will be learning about the changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age, with the focus key concept of settlements. The objectives we will be thinking about are:

  • Using and understanding chronological language (BC, AD)
  • To understand continuity and change - What is the order of the stone age periods? Which of them has the longest duration? Are there any predictions or inferences about how life changed between these periods?
  • Using archeological sources as evidence and  identify how they are used by archaeologists and historians to build up a picture of the past.
  • To draw conclusions from a range of historical sources
  • To demonstrate source analysis and questioning skills


This half term we are learning about magnets and forces. We will be:

  • Comparing how some things move on different surfaces.
  • Noticing that some forces need contact between two objects but magnetic forces can act at a distance.
  • Observing how magnets attract or repel each other and attract some materials and not others.
  • Comparing and grouping together a variety of everyday materials on the basis of whether they are attracted to a magnet, and identify some magnetic materials.
  • Describing magnets as having two poles.
  • Predicting whether two magnets will attract or repel each other, depending on which poles are facing.


Art will be taught on a Monday by Mrs Sargent. The key skill in focus this half term is painting. 



Religious Education
In RE this half term, the children will be exploring baptism.


Galatians 3:27 "You were baptised into union with Christ, and now you are clothed, so to speak, with the life of Christ himself."



We will know and understand:

  • Belonging to a group involves promises and rules
  • The meaning of promises made at baptism
  • Acquire the skills of assimilation, celebration and application of the above.


ICT and French
Mrs Bragg will be teaching ICT and French on a Friday.




Some things to note -


Mrs Sargent teaches the class on a Monday morning until 10.30 for my PPA (Planning, preparation and assessment) time, and Mrs Bragg teaches the class all day on Fridays. 


PE is on a Monday, so please come in full kit.


Toast money is to be sent on a Monday via Parentpay for the week. 


Please make sure your child has a water bottle every day and takes it home every day!


Handwashing and hand gelling is encouraged throughout the day and windows are kept open as much as possible to ensure good hygiene in the classroom.