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Year Five (Miss Bickerdyke)


 Welcome to Year 5!

(2021- 2022)

Welcome back Year 5! I hope you had a fantastic half term break with your family and friends. We only have 6 and a half weeks left of Year 5, but we’ve got lots of exciting things coming up in that time (Sports Day, Trip to the beach etc).





We will be continuing to use Class Dojo this year, I will be using it to reward children for showing one of key driver words - being an achiever, being an explorer or being a problem solver. Children will also receive dojo points if they show the gospel values. I will also share learning from the children and photographs of what the children are doing in class.

If you are need to speak to me or pass any messages on, then you can email or ring the office and they will pass the message on. I can then contact you if necessary.



This year we will having a big push on vocabulary in all subject areas - key vocabulary will be displayed around the classroom for each subject so that we can keep referring to it.
Each guided reading group will be spending one guided reading lesson a week focusing on new vocabulary and the meaning of these words. 




In Summer, we will be learning about the genre of Science Fiction. We will be looking at how authors show action in a build-up. We will be reading lots of different Science Fiction stories with a focus on ET.

Throughout this unit we will:

- use expanded noun phrases for description
- choose specific vocabulary to impact the audience e.g. powerful verbs and alliteration.

During Guided Reading we are going to be focusing on a variation of different texts (fiction, non-fiction and poetry), each child is in a small guided reading group and each week they will:

- pre-read a text, study vocabulary and answer questions.

- read with an adult and discuss the text 

- answer comprehension questions with support from a TA

- complete a follow up activity based on the book - it could be a prediction or a summary for example.

- Complete a SPaG activity – this will be related to previous learning.


We will be doing a short spellings session four times a week, where the children are learning, practising and applying the new words. During these sessions, the children will be focusing on Year 5 words and spelling rules. I will also be sending home weekly spellings and we will have spelling tests each week – These go home every Tuesday.

We will also be incorporating grammar lessons into our English.







We spent last term learning about fractions, we will be moving this learning on by looking at decimals and percentages. We will begin by converting fractions, decimals and percentages. We will then learn about adding and subtracting decimals,
We will do this learning through practical, concrete and abstract learning, where the children will use a range of objects, mental strategies, jottings and formal written methods.

It would be really useful if children continue to use TTRS and Numbots; this will ensure they important that children become confident with telling the time in Year 5, I will be doing lots are recapping previous learning and practising mental strategies. If children are confident with mental strategies they are more likely to be able to answer arithmetic questions quickly and confidently.
It is really important to practise telling the time - if you can practise this at home it would be brilliant! Even just starting with the very basics of quarter past, half past, quarter to and o'clock. We are learning about time zones in science and geography so it will be much easier for the children if they have basic time telling skills.



At Sacred Heart, RE is at the core of the core curriculum, it is embedded in everything we do and say. This half term in Year 5 we will be learning about other religions with a focus on Judaism. We will look at the links between Catholicism and Judaism. We will begin the half term by celebrating the Feast of Sacred Heart.


This half term we are learning about the human life cycle, we will be learning about how we change from babies to adults. We will look at the emotional and physical changes that will happen during puberty.



History – Early Islamic Civilisation

During Summer 1, we will be learning about the discoveries that happened in Baghdad during The Golden Age of Baghdad. We will study a range of sources to learn about the inventions and famous inventors and how The Golden Age of Baghdad ended.


Design & Technology – Food


During our DT lessons this half term, we will be baking our own pitta bread with accompanying dips. We will begin by tasting a range of different breads and discuss the taste, texture and appearance of them before we create our own.



PE will take place every Friday afternoon, therefore on a Friday children will wear their PE kit all day (plain red t-shirt, black shorts and black PE pumps/trainers). Please ensure children are in appropriate clothing because we will be outside for PE if the weather is dry.



On a Wednesday morning, Mrs Eddleston will be teaching you. You will be doing computing.




The children will be learning French on a Wednesday morning with Mrs Eddleston, they will be following Language Angels. This ensures that the children have lots of repetition and oral teaching of the French language before then applying this into discussions with peers and then written sentences.




For our fourth music unit, we are going to be focusing on singing again, we will be focusing on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme tune.

We will learn to:

- Identify and move to a pulse.

- Compare two songs in the same style and discuss similarities and differences.

- Sing in unison and solo.

PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education)

This half term is dedicated to "Living Long, Living Strong.” This will follow on from our science learning about puberty, we will be looking more at the emotional and physical changes children go through during puberty.


General class information


  • Reading is one of the most important skills we teach our children, whether it is a non-fiction text to help them research, a set of instructions to help them make something or reading a fiction to improve their imagination and provide them with amazing vocabulary. You can use Oxford Owl to listen to ebooks and read along.To become a fluent reader, your child needs to take on many skills and continue to practice these throughout their lives. Some are specific skills which can be taught, others relate to atitudes, and these they will gain from the adults around them.  We ask therefore that you read with your child at least 3 times a week and it can be recorded in a reading/homework diary that we will send home.


  • Toast is available for snack but children must pay online at the beginning of the week and they will get a slice of toast each day. Children can bring cereal bars, fruit or veg from home for a snack too. 
  • Water -  We encourage children to bring in their own water bottles each day.  This ensures that they are able to have a drink regularly and not having to use the schools cups.  Although we will ensure cups are cleaned regularly and only 1 child is using each cup it would be more beneficial if each child had access to their own bottle.  Please ensure the bottle is clearly labelled with your child's name.

If you have any queries or want to chat about your child’s progress, feel free to catch me after school on the playground, send me a message on Class Dojo or make an appointment in the school office.

Curriculum Overview