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Year Four (Mr Moss)

Welcome to Year 4! I hope you have all had a relaxing summer and are looking forward to coming back to school. I am excited to get to know you all and Miss Harrison and I can't wait to get started with all the amazing activities we have planned! 


We will continue to be using Class Dojo this year to reward positive behaviour. I will use class Dojo for pictures of activities the children are taking part in, so please do make sure you are linked to the class.  We will also use the class Dojo page to keep you updated about important things happening in school.




In English this half term, we will looking at play scripts.  We will study these to understand the thoughts and feelings of the characters and learn how to write a great play script.  Finally, we will do some acting!




We will be concentrating on the following aspects:

  • Identify, collect and use adverbs
  • Develop characterisation using vocabulary to create emphasis, humour, atmosphere, suspense
  • Discuss and propose changes with partners and in small groups
  • Improve writing in light of evaluation
  • Perform own compositions for different audiences
  • Use appropriate intonation, tone and volume to present their writing to a range of audiences


Guided Reading
Guided Reading sessions are every morning for around 20 minutes.  There are several different activities throughout the week including comprehension.  It is an important part of the school day and gives adults the chance to listen to your child read regularly.


We will be working through three different units this half term.  Firstly, Decimals, looking at:

  • tenths and hundredths
  • dividing digits by 10 and 100
  • decimal and fraction equivalents
  • tenths and hundredths on a place value grid


Secondly, we will work on Money:

  • pounds and pence
  • ordering amounts of money
  • converting between pounds and pence
  • adding and subtracting money
  • finding change


Finally, Statistics, including:

  • interpreting charts
  • understanding line graphs
  • solving problems with graphs and charts


In the first half term we will concentrate on 'Keeping Fit and Healthy' and this will involve understanding how regular exercise can improve physical and mental well-being.  PE lessons will link with other work we do in class to develop a good knowledge of how we can all take responsibility for our health and encourage children to discover different types of exercise.


Our topic for Spring 2 and Summer 1 is the Roman Invasion of Britain.  When did the Romans arrive here?  Why did they come?  What did they do here?  What attracted them to this cold, rainy island?!  These questions and many more will be answered.



    Religious Education

    At Sacred Heart, RE is at centre of everything we do.  This half term, we will be looking at 'The Church - Serving' and learning about Early Christians.  Who were the apostles who spread the Word of God?  We will discover the stories of some of the people who first preached Christianity, spreading the message far and wide.



    In Science, we will study Sound, concentrating on exploring and identifying the way sounds are made through vibrations using a range of musical instruments.  We will find out how the pitch and volume of sounds can be changed in a variety of ways.  Finally, we will discover the best materials for muffling sounds.



    In computing we will be learning about the history of the web in the unit all about HTML.  Children will learn what HTML is and how to edit and write it.  Using the knowledge we gain, we will write our own web page.


    Year 4 Curriculum Overview