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1. Listen and Appraise the song In The Groove and other songs in other styles: ● How Blue Can You Get by B.B. King ● Let The Bright Seraphim by Handel ● Livin’ La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin ● Jai Ho by J.R. Rahman ● Lord Of The Dance by Ronan Hardiman ● Diggin’ On James Brown by Tower Of Power


.Musical Activities - learn and/or build on your knowledge and understanding about the interrelated dimensions of music through: a. Warm-up Games (including vocal warm-ups) b. Flexible Games (optional extension work) Learn to Sing the Song( in 6 different styles; Blues, Baroque, Latin, Bhangra, Folk and Funk) Play Instruments with the Song. Improvise with the Song (and optional extension activities) Compose with the Song  


Perform the Song - perform and share your learning  The main unit song is In The Groove.