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SEND curriculum

All pupils have the entitlement to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum. All teaching and support staff are aware of the National Curriculum Inclusion Statement, and with advice from and the support of the SENCO, teachers match the learning to the needs and abilities of the pupils. They use a range of strategies to develop the pupils’ knowledge, understanding and skills including the use of ICT. Where appropriate, materials are modified or support is provided to enable pupils with SEND to access the learning or the assessment processes.

The school and SENCo regularly review issues related to pupils with SEND to include classroom organisation, teaching styles and methods, materials and tasks to determine how these could be improved. Children are supported in a variety of different ways as appropriate to their needs, which include individual support, in small groups and in class. Withdrawal sessions are used judiciously to support pupils carefully with specific academic, behavioural and/or emotional difficulties. Withdrawal sessions are timetabled  to minimise the impact of withdrawal on delivery of the curriculum, actively seeking to ensure curriculum needs are met.