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General information

If you have any questions or messages please get in touch via ringing the school office or email:

A polite reminder to please ring the school office if your child is absent from school.

Class teachers are no longer able to receive messages through Class Dojo. 

Class Dojo In Year 1

We use Class Dojo within the classroom.  This program allows me to share your child’s progress with you throughout the year. It also allows the teachers to reward children in different areas these are; being an achiever, being a problem solver, being an explorer or living out our gospel values.  

I believe that the benefits to connecting with parents are:

✓ Parents are in the know about their child and are able to provide better support at home

✓ Sharing moments from school fosters a sense of community

✓ Messaging directly (in 50+ languages) breaks communication barriers The programme also allows parents to comment on their child’s progress, what their child is particularly enjoying in class and to inform us of upcoming events that could be discussed in school in preparation  


Our dojo point system, children can get dojo points for the following things.....


We are explorers

At Sacred Heart, our curriculum:

  • Provides our children with challenging, engaging experiences which promote their natural curiosity and self-reliance
  • Inspires our children to make choices and decisions to inform their own learning and faith journey
  • Engages our children through encouraging risk taking, developing life-long, critical thinkers.


We are achievers

At Sacred Heart, our curriculum:

  • Utilises our children’s innate fascination to develop the skills and knowledge that they need to become self-assured learners
  • Encourages resilience and perseverance as they grow in mind, body and spirit
  • Celebrates the pride we take in our achievements.


We are problem solvers

At Sacred Heart, our curriculum:

  • Leads our children to solve problems in more ways than one, through enquiry and investigation
  • Produces practical learners who will anticipate problems, imagine, evaluate, amend and problem solve as they progress
  • Recognises and commends the uniqueness of each child made in God’s image.


We also have a 4th dojo - Gospel Values.  This is given when a child shows kindness, respect and love, amongst other things, to their peers and the adults within school.


Please let me know if you have been unable to sign up to Dojo and I will print you off the letter.  Particularly at this time, this is an excellent way to keep in contact with each other.  If you have any queries or questions, you are able to ask these on Dojo and I will reply to you as soon as I can.



Water bottles and Snacks 

In Year 1, children are provided with a healthy snack at playtime. If your child would like toast then £1 must be paid at the beginning of the week through parent pay online. Children are permitted to bring in their own snack from home, either their own fruit and veg or a breakfast bar.

Water will be freely available to the children throughout the day. Please send your child in with their own water bottle and please ensure their names are clearly labelled on them. Children will be encouraged to drink plenty of water throughout the day.


Helpful websites

· Includes further information on each phase as well as printable resources and links to online games

· Games mainly aimed at year 1 and year 2 looking at sounds and high frequency words. Some printable activities, particularly for the phase 4 blends

· Wide range of games for sounds, words and rhyming

· Lots of free games for each phase, especially good for reading non-words. You can also subscribe to access more games

· Search engine designed for schools where you can find a wide range of resources and activities with a phonics focus


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