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Autumn 1 - Place Value within 10 

- sorting objects 

- counting objects 

- counting objects from a group of 10 

- represent objects 

represent objects to 10 

- count forwards 

- count backwards 

- count one more and one less 

- compare and order numbers 

- use a number line 


Autumn 2 - addition and subtraction

- Part whole models 

- Using addition symbols 

- Fact families 

- Comparing number bonds (4 + 1 = 3 + 2) 

- Adding together 

- Finding a part (Missing number) 

- Subtraction (How many are left?) 

- Subtraction (counting back) 

- Finding the difference 

- Compare addition and subtraction number sentences 


Spring 1 & 2  

Recognise and name 3D shapes 

Sort 3D Shapes 

Recognise and name 2D shapes 

Sort 2D shapes  

Patterns in 2D and 3D shapes 

Add by counting on 

Find and make number bonds 

Add by making 10 

Subtraction (not crossing 10) 

Subtraction (crossing 10) 

Related number facts 

Compare number sentences 

Numbers to 50 

Tens and ones 

Representing numbers to 50 

One more one less 

Compare objects to 50 

Compare numbers to 50 

Count in 2s 

Count in 5s 


Summer 1 

Compare length and height 

Measure length 

Measure mass 

Compare mass 

Explore volume and capacity 

Measure and compare capacity 

Count in 2s 5s and 10s 

Make equal groups 

Add equal groups

Make arrays 

Make doubles 

Make equal groups - grouping and sharing 

Find a half 

Find a quarter  


Summer 2 

Counting forwards and backwards within 100

Partitioning numbers Comparing numbers 

Comparing numbers

Ordering numbers

One more, one less

Recognising coins

Recognising notes

Counting in coins

Before and after Dates

Time to the hour

Time to the half hour

Writing time

Comparing time


In year 1 we will be using lots of concrete objects to understand and represent numbers such as; base 10, numecon, ten frames, double sided counters and natural materials. Egg boxes are also a great resource  that you could use at home as a ten frame to count or represent numbers. 


The children are still able to access Numbots at home and we have seen a huge improvement in children working through the levels regularly.  NumBots is an online game that playing little and often will significantly improve your child’s recall and understanding of number bonds and addition and subtraction facts. These are critical foundations in maths and we are already excited by the impact NumBots is having with the children already using it.  The children will use Numbots each day within provision and are able to access the programme at home.