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"Don’t forget to do good and to share what you have because God is pleased with these kinds of sacrifices."

In RE this half term, we will be looking at 'the universal church'. 


Within this unit, children will talk about what a neighbour is and how we can help our neighbours. We will look at how CAFOD supports some of our neighbours in other countries.  Children will be able to retell special stories about Jesus and his friends We will be looking at God’s greatness all over the world. 

key questions 

  1. How does the sky tell us how wonderful God is?
  2. Why does looking at the sky help us to think about neighbours everywhere?
  3. We have friends and neighbours throughout the world. They are called our global neighbours/friends. Why do you think people in our own and other countries all our neighbours?
  4. How do we show God’s love to our neighbours?
  5. What makes a good neighbour?
  6. In what ways did Jesus’ friends show they were good neighbours?
  7. How is Raphael being a good neighbour?
  8. How can you be a good neighbour?
  9. Jesus taught his friends to be good neighbours. We can work with CAFOD to be good neighbours by sharing and caring for others. How did CAFOD help our global neighbours in Uganda?
  10. What do we make from coffee beans?
  11. What does Fairtrade mean?
  12. How does Fairtrade help Maria and her family?
  13. How does buying Fairtrade items show our love for neighbours around the world?