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Week 5 - W/C 01.02.21

Welcome to week 5!


This week we will be continuing with our new multiplication and division unit in maths, I will be going through this each day in our 9:15 Zoom meeting. This worked really well last week and the children that joined in made good progress. If you cannot join the Zoom but want to have a go at the new learning, I will be uploading powerpoints each day with a voiceover.


I will also be going through a grammar activity in our morning Zoom meetings, again I will upload a powerpoint with a voiceover each day (except Friday).


We are going to continue our new learning in:

- PSHE - Dear diary unit. 


 - Music - The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Login to YUMU and complete lesson 2.

- French - Weather
Login to language angels and have a go at the "Quel temps fait-il?" weather games.
Go to login - pupil games -
username: sacredheartgames
password: sacredheartgames

This week is Children's Mental Health Week - this year is all about Expressing Yourself.


Monday - Watch The Reflection in Me


Pick out 5 things you like about yourself - try to think about you as a person as well as your appearance.

You could: 

- draw a self-portrait & write your 5 things around the outside. 

- write them as a list - why not stick them up to remind yourself of all the great things about you?

- tell somebody at home.


If you are struggling why not ask somebody at home what they like about you?


Have a go at creating an origami dog -

Before you start, you need a square piece of paper.



Have a go at Squiggle Art. 

You create a squiggle all over the page and then see what you can see in.

These 2 videos explain how to do it:



Create your own piece of clothing/hat to express yourself.
Start at 8 minutes:




Draw your feelings -

Express yourself song -