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- Red Sweatshirt
- Red Cardigan
- Waterproof Fleece Jacket
- P.E. T-Shirt


Are all available with school motif from:


Monkhouse Schoolwear, 13 Miller Arcade, Lancaster Road, Preston Tele: 259586 
Bang Bang, St John’s Shopping Centre, PRESTON Tel: 555566


Other articles of clothing can also be purchased from the same supplier. Girls are allowed to wear trousers as part of the winter uniform if their parents wish. The trousers should be grey or black and of a conventional style. 


Heavy duty school bags can be purchased from the school office. 


Pupils are not allowed to wear jeans for school and high platform soles and dangling ear-rings are forbidden for safety reasons.


For Physical Education and Movement/Drama lessons the infant children need pumps, preferably the pull-on type, and a change of clothing, black shorts can be obtained from local shops. The junior pupils need pumps, T-shirt and shorts for P.E. and Games. 


For safety reasons please avoid the long, baggy “beach shorts” and fashion footwear which can cause accidents if they become hooked
or caught. 


Footwear should be dark shoes or sandals, please do not wear “trainers” for school.


All clothes should be labelled with the child’s name particularly coats, jumpers and out-door garments which have to be left in the cloakroom areas. Children can only be excused from P.E. and Games lessons on medical grounds and a written note must be brought from home. All the pupils need a P.E. bag, clearly marked with their name, to keep their P.E. things in at school.


Please note that Lancashire Education Authority’s Safety Policy states that ALL jewellery must be removed for P.E., Games and Swimming lessons. This includes sleepers and studs. All extremes of fashion and hair style should also be avoided. The only jewellery which pupils are permitted to wear in school is a watch (avoid novelty types) and stud earrings.