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The Farm Shop 


During our geography work this half term children will be given the opportunity to learn about weather and seasonal changes. We will be looking at weather patterns in the UK and seasonal weather patterns. We will be researching different vocabulary to describe different weathers to help us become weather reporters. Children will be given the opportunity to investigate the school grounds and identify rain fall. 


Design Technology

Fitting in alongside our healthy eating/living science work we will be creating our own salads. We will be looking at where different foods come from and how we can use our eat well plate to create a balanced meal. We will be deciding what goes in our salads by tasting a range of different foods and we will also be learning to cut, peel grate and chop a range of ingredients. 



Our main focus during art this half term will be printing. 


  • Develop a simplified printing motif of fruit and vegetables.
  • Draw a simplified image onto Quick print using a sharp pencil.
  • Translate, rotate and repeatedly printed.
  • Cut out stencils in card and use sponges to create repeating patterns.