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Times Tables

From September 2019 for all Year 4 classes across England, the government has introduced a multiplication tables check. A requirement from the National Curriculum for Year 4 mathematics is that children should recall all times tables up to 12x12.

This check was cancelled this year but is scheduled to be carried out in summer 2021 for the current Year 4s. 
It is a simple check using iPads or laptops, in which the children have 6 seconds to answer a times tables question. There will be 25 questions in total. There will no division questions asked. 
We will be practicing times tables in school daily through activities like songs and games but the children will also need practice at home too. There are several games attached above, but it can be as simple as saying a times tables aloud when you are walking or driving somewhere together.
We also have subscribed to Times Tables Rockstars, an online game which children should have log ins for. The aim is to practice times tables to win coins. As part of the children's homework, they can play this at home, but should internet connection be a problem there will also be time slots during the week at school for the children to play.