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Our Science Topics in Year 2 are:


Autumn 1 & 2 - Everyday Materials

        Spring 1 - Plants

        Spring 2 - Animals including humans 

     Summer 1 - Healthy Living 

     Summer 2 - Living things and their habitats


In Spring term we are learning all about plants. We will be identifying and describing the basic structure of a variety of common plants including trees. Children will be given the opportunity to observe seeds and bulbs and describe how these grow into mature plants. We will also be looking at what plants need to be able to grow and stay healthy. During the course of the term children will be growing a range of their own plants and will be even growing our own sources of food which children will then care for at home. 


Throughout our topic we will be working scientifically. We will be using simple equipment to observe and will be performing simple tests. 

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