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Our Science Topics in Year 2 are:


Autumn 1 & 2 - Everyday Materials

        Spring 1 - Plants

        Spring 2 - Animals including humans 

     Summer 1 - Healthy Living 

     Summer 2 - Living things and their habitats


In Autumn Term we are learning all about materials. We will be identifying and comparing the suitability of everyday materials and linking this to making a stable house for The Three Little Pigs. We will also be using hand lenses and our class electronic microscope to look really closely at a range of materials.

As a class we will be learning all about the difference between natural and man-made materials. We will be learning about the stages from sheep to wool production. In provision we will all be able to have a go at hand knitting and will hopefully be able to produce our own scarves.

Throughout our topic we will be working scientifically. We will be using simple equipment to observe and will be performing simple tests. Here are some photographs of some of the thumb pots that the children have made.using salt dough. We changed the shape of a solid by squashing, bending, twisting and stretching.