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Rowan Class - Year Five (Miss Bickerdyke)

 Welcome back!




A very warm welcome to our final half term together in Year 5. In our final seven weeks, we have a lots to look forward to including our trip to Blackpool Pleasure Beach on the 3rd July. This educational visit will help us to consolidate all our previous learning on our science topic Forces in Action, as we look at G-forces and even get to build our very own roller-coaster.  Attached below is a summary of the subject focuses we will be looking this half term.



'Strive for peace with everyone, and for the holiness without which no one will see the Lord.'

Hebrews 12:14


At Sacred Heart, Religious Education is at the core of the core curriculum, it is embedded in everything we do and say. As we start the new half term we will start by looking at the theme of other faiths with the focus being upon Judaism. This theme will encourage us to make links to show how feelings and beliefs affect our own and others’ quality of care and commitment towards each other. By the end of the topic we will be able to make links to show how feelings and beliefs affect our own and others’ behaviour in relationships and contemplate those questions that are very often difficult to answer. We shall be discussing how Jews and Christians believe in the same God and both religions are based on the foundations of Abrham, Moses and the Prophets. Both religions believe and follow the Ten Commandments that God gave to Moses. We will analyse in depth the Jewish festivals of Shabbat, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. We shall discuss why Jewish people celebrate these festivals, what they are allowed and not allowed to do during these festivals.  




Science - This half term our science topic continues to focus on Life Cycles of plants and animals. In this biology focussed topic the children will discover the ways in which plants 'clone' themselves and reproduce asexually as well as consider the reasons why humans clone plants.We will build on our learning by finding out in detail about the functions of the parts of a flower, including how reproduction occurs through pollination and germination before dissecting and labelling the parts of a flower. The children will then move on to learning about the life cycles of animals living in a woodland environment, then consider ways in which the life cycles of animals in other environments around the world might differ before conducting research into a variety of environments, the animals that live in them and their life cycles. Towards the end of the term we shall move on to the changes that the children can begin to expect as their own bodies mature. We shall start by working to understand the initial changes inside and outside of the body during puberty and how they differ for boys and girls. A lot of emphasis will be paced on hygiene and how to stay clean, fit and healthy during this period of change. Letters will be sent home to all parents and carers regarding coverage of this topic in due course.



 Our History based topic this half term is 'Groovy Greeks.' The children will be taken back in time to ancient Greece, one of the most fascinating civilisations in history as they discover who the ancient Greeks really were. We will immerse ourselves to learn about when the ancient Greeks lived, how they lived in their separate city states, how their armies lived and fought, the gods they worshipped on Mount Olympia and much, much more.


In English, we will spend this half of the term focussing on developing the skills to link writing outcomes to Narrative Poetry. The children will have the opportunity to learn, adopt, adapt and write their own Narrative poem based on our own class poem Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll which is featured in his great work, 'Through the Looking Glass.' The children will continue to use all the grammar skills acquired this year to demonstrate their understanding and development of a theme. The children will create and develop their own legendary creature to devise their own poem upon as well as having lots of other writing opportunities such as non-chronolgical reports based on their own creature and a sequel about the downfall of their character.


In Maths we will be start the half term by shifting our focus Geometry- Properties of Shapes and Angles. To succeed in this area the children will need to become skilled at:


  • Identifying 3D shapes, including cubes and other cuboids, from 2D representations.
  • Using the properties of rectangles to deduce related facts and find missing lengths and angles.
  • Distinguishing between regular and irregular polygons based on reasoning about equal sides and angles.
  • Know angles are measured in degrees: estimate and compare acute, obtuse and reflex angles.
  • Drawing given angles, and measure them in degrees (o)
  • Identifying: angles at a point and one whole turn (total 360o), angles at a point on a straight line and 1⁄2 a turn (total 180o) other multiples of 90o


This coverage will lead us into exploring Geometry- position and direction. In this unit of work the children will be expected to be able to:


  • Identify, describe and represent the position of a shape following a reflection or translation, using the appropriate language, and know that the shape has not changed.


As the school year draws to a close, we will shift our focus to Measurement- converting units and Measures - Volume. These units require the children to explore:


  • How to convert between different units of metric measure [for example, km and m; cm and m; cm and mm; g and kg; l and ml]
  • How to use approximate equivalences between metric units and common imperial units such as inches, pounds and pints.
  • How to solve problems involving converting between units of time.



  • Estimate volume [for example using 1cm3 blocks to build cuboids (including cubes)] and capacity [for example, using water]
  • Use all four operations to solve problems involving measure.


Please encourage your children to practise their timetables at home as this will greatly assist them not just in these areas but in all aspects of mathematics. 


 I will set further MyMaths homework tasks that should compliment what they children have been learning in class that week. I understand that some may not have access to MyMaths at home and so I will give the children time to complete these activities during school time. We have discovered a free app you can download which will allow you to access MyMaths on an iPad so if you use an iPad at home then download Puffin Academy App from the App store and MyMaths (and other educational programmes) will work through that.

If you are unsure about what to do to get on MyMaths then here is the web link 



As Upper Key Stage 2, the children in Rowan Class will be expected to read continuously throughout the week and have their reading records signed by parents at least THREE times per week. This is to ensure that the excellent reading standards remain high and to enthuse and encourage the children to read as much and as wide a variety of literature as possible!

Please make sure you (or any other adult who hears your child read) signs the reading record so that we can keep track of how often the children are reading outside of school. 



P.E is an important part of the curriculum and, therefore, it is necessary that children have their P.E kits in school at all times.  Children who do not have P.E kits will have to participate in recording and helping other children during P.E lessons. Please ensure your child has their P.E kit on these days (or leave it in school during the week) so that your child may benefit fully from our P.E lessons. Our P.E lessons this half term will take place on a Wednesday afternoon. Please ensure that your child has the correct equipment in school on that day. P.E. this half term is Athletics and therefore will take place outdoors. Please ensure that your child has appropriate clothing, a water bottle and sun tan lotion if necessary, to keep them comfortable during these summer months for their P.E. lessons.



If you do have any queries or issues you would like to raise with me then please do not hesitate to speak to me after school or, alternatively, you can arrange a meeting with me, through Mrs Thompson at the Office, if you would like to discuss anything in more detail.


Many thanks for your continued support, 

Mrs Livesey and Mr Wells  smiley

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