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At Sacred Heart, Religious Education is at the core of the curriculum, it is embedded in everything we do and say. All children in year 2 are given the opportunity to explore Religious Education through our provision. 


This half term our Topic is The Mass 


Children will be looking at why mass is an important celebration. We will be looking at the structure of a mass and understand why we listen to different readings during mass. Children will also be gaining an understanding of the offertory and how we can offer things to Jesus to give thanks. 


Questions you may want to discuss


Why do people go to church on a Sunday?

What does the bread and wine symbolise ?

Why do we ask for forgiveness at the start of mass? 


We will also we be learning about reconciliation 


During this time children will be understanding about choices we make and how God wants us to live out our lives. We will also be learning about forgiveness, what this is and why it is important to say we are sorry and how we can show this. 


Questions you may want to discuss


How did Jesus show his love for all the people he met?

What would happen if we all kept that rule? What would the world be like?

How can we try to be more like Jesus?