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Year Three (Mrs Johnson)


Welcome back to Year 3 everyone - I hope you have enjoyed your summer holiday and you're ready to see all your friends again after such a long time apart!

I would like to make sure you all feel comfortable about coming into school (and, for parents, sending your children into school). We have worked incredibly hard to ensure all the government advice and guidelines have been followed in order for us to re-open as safely and normally as possible. Every precaution has been taken to ensure we are ready for the new school year and our classroom will be the fun, engaging, lively and safe place it always has been for us all!


I understand how troubling these times have been for everyone and if you have any queries that you would like to ask myself or any other member of staff about then please feel free to do so informally through Class Dojo or through the school office for any other issues you may have. 

I will continue to use Class Dojo as our class rewards system and as a way to share experiences both from the classroom and from home. I will check Class Dojo each lunchtime so please do not use Dojo if you have an urgent query - I will always be available for a few minutes at the end of each day is you would like to speak to me!



The staff in year 3 will be: Mrs Johnson (class teacher), Mrs Mahon (class teaching assistant) and Mrs Eddleston (class teacher - covering my time away from class on Wednesday mornings and every Thursday).


Our Learning Environment

In Year 3 this year we will be implementing provision for the children to run alongside lessons. It will continue the style of learning the children have been used to in Key Stage One and provides the children with many interesting learning, recap and revision opportunities throughout the week to consolidate and extent their learning. The children will be well used to this system although this is the first time it will run in Key Stage Two at Sacred Heart so we will be continually reviewing best practice to ensure the children are fulfilling their potential through the challenges set for them each week as well as in their guided work with myself, Mrs Mahon and Mrs Eddleston. 






In our English work this half term we will be completing a bridging unit of work on 'A Bear Called Paddington' by Michael Bond. This bridging unit is designed to 'bridge the change' between where the children left off in Year 2 and where we will being in Year 3.

A classic children's tale, 'A Bear Called Paddington' is a story all about a little bear who travels as a stowaway from deepest, darkest Peru to the bright city of London and arrives on Platform 12 at Paddington Train Station. 

The aim in this unit of work is to create new stories based on the text and also to create an information leaflet based on our observations of how Paddington would benefit from knowledge of the local area if he ever visited Preston.


We will be developing characters, settings and plots based on the model and will be working hard to improve our vocabulary through a range of methods.  We will be using dictionaries to check meanings of the words we are reading and will start collecting words and phrases that will help us to capture the readers interest and imagination.  We will be raising questions during the reading process to deepen our understanding and will draw inferences around characters’ thoughts, feelings and actions, using evidence from the text to justify our responses.




Our Maths this half term will focus on place value and addition and subtraction. The children will continue to build on their knowledge of the number system from Year 2 and will learn to:

identify and correctly place numbers to 1000 in place value columns

place and work with numbers to 1000 on a number line

add and subtract 1, 10 and 100

compare numbers in a variety of different formats

count in 50's 

add and subtract multiples of 10 and 100

add and subtract one digit numbers from three digit numbers

add and subtract two digit numbers from three digit numbers

adding three digit numbers together

subtracting three digit numbers from each other

complete reasoning and fluency questions based on all the above



The children will also be given a username and login to access Times Table Rockstars online which is a fun way to help learn and remember multiplication tables and their related division facts. We will be using this in class, during provision time and it is also available for the children to use at home!




Science work this half term will be focused on Light and Shadow. The children will be using experiments to begin to discover lights influence on how how we see things. The children will learn:

we need light to see

darkness is the absence of light

light is reflected off surfaces

sunlight can be dangerous (how to protect eyes from the sun's light)

shadows are formed when the light from a light source is blocked by a solid object

patterns can be seen in the way shadows alter and change



In R.E this half term we will be looking closely at the Dignity of the Human Person. The children will learn that each person is created from the true likeness of God and so each person is equal in the eyes of the Lord no matter what their status or possessions. This is an important message to imbibe children with, particularly with recent world events like COVID-19 pandemic, Australian Bushfires and explosion in Beirut as it shows how we are all levelled as human beings by things such as these. This unit of work strives to teach the children that we must all work together to recognise and respect each others lives, choices and actions as unique to them and to treat each other with the same respect and fairness they would wish themselves to receive. 


Our History this half term will be something that the children may never have heard of before as we will be conducting a local history study on the Preston Guild. Preston Guild is an event that takes place every 20 years and was begun in 1179 when King Henry II with a Royal Charter for it to be able to have Guild Merchant - a collective of craftsmen, traders and merchants who operated in the city. 

we will study the history behind the Guild, local facts about the Guild and then move onto looking at the Guild Procession which now takes place in the city every 20 years - with the next Guild taking place in 2032!

This local history study aims to give the children more knowledge about the place in which they live and to learn about the history of importance of Preston as a merchant town and its impact on our lives as we live them as Prestonians today.




Our Music this half term is focused around an R&B song called 'Let your Spirit Fly' by Joanna Mangona. We will use this song to play games, sing and create our own responses, melodies and rhythms. We will be:

listening with attention to detail to recall sounds

use voices with increasing accuracy, fluency, control and expression

appreciate high quality music from recording artists from the rhythm and blues tradition of music.

develop and understanding of the history of music.


We will also be be using YUMU - an online programme of music that directly links to the music topic happening in class. Each child will be given a username and login and they can then access music learning at home and during provision.




The children will begin to learn a modern foreign language in Key Stage 2 and so we will be beginning to learn the basics of the French language. We will be looking this half term at where French is spoken around the world, learning to ask and say our names and how we feel and numbers 1-10 as well as colours.. 





Our P.E this half term will be taught by professional coach Mr Crofts from A.F.C Fylde. He will be working with the children to introduce them to the Invasion Game, Netball.

In this unit, the children will learn to improve and hone their skills in:

throwing and catching using appropriate techniques in Netball

Moving/travelling with the ball as allowed under Netball rules

passing the ball in two different ways successfully in a game situation

finding space and utilising it to benefit teammates

using simple attacking and defending skills in a game situation

apply and follow the basic rules of invasion games fairly



Art and Design


Our art and design work this half term will focus on British art. We will look at a range of art from Britain and its artists:

Telling stories through pictures - study of work by Paula Rego

Painting Landscapes - study of work by Thomas Gainsborough

Memory Postcards - study of  work by Sonia Boyce

Portraits using different effects - study of  work by Lucien Freud and Haword Hodgkin

Sensory Boxes - study of work by Anish Kapoor

Class Information




Reading is of huge importance to your child's development at school. In order to foster a love of reading in school, each class will be having dedicated reading time every day. This is a chance for your child to spark their imagination, find out about new things, meet new and interesting characters and add to their vocabulary.

I will be asking the children to read to myself and Mrs Mahon, to read to themselves and to read to each other and i will be challenging them to a reading BINGO game where they read as many books as possible over the half term from a list I have compiled.

As well as the reading BINGO challenge, It is important the children continue to read their usual reading scheme books as many times as possible over the course of the week. Mrs Mahon and myself will check reading records as and when they need to be checked (at least twice a week) and the children will be responsible for choosing their next reading book. 




I will be sending home a short list of spellings for the children to practice each week with a weekly spelling test every Monday.



The children are able to have a drink of water at anytime during the day. Please could you ensure your child has a named water bottle with them in school each day that they can top-up when required. We do have access to spare cups for anyone who has forgotten their water bottle (which we wash each day) although we would suggest a bottle is better from a health standpoint.




Our P.E day is every Monday afternoon. Please could you ensure your child has the correct P.E uniform with them each week and that it is all labelled to help the children identify their own kits. 


Toast & Snack


Toast is available each day during playtime for £1 per week. As a school, we are now going CASHLESS which means that we will NOT be accepting cash on Monday mornings like we have done in the past. You will need to pre-pay for toast by Monday morning on ParentPay online. You can add money for the whole half term to make it easier for yourselves and so that your child knows they have toast each week.  Alternatively, you can pack a healthy snack for your child (which could, for example, be veggie sticks and dip, healthy breakfast bar, piece of fruit etc). As a healthy school we do strongly discourage sugary and salty snacks so please avoid these as a snack option!