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Home Learning Spring Term 1 2021 Week 6 (8th-12th February)

Daily Zoom

Hello, and welcome to week six!  The last week of this half term and what a strange one it's been.  I have been very impressed with the way that you have all adapted once again to being at home and learning online.  Lots of you are joining our daily catch-ups and are sending me lots of work on Dojo.  Remember, Wicked Wednesday starts this week so there will be no NEW learning, but the Home Learning Grid with lots of work on will still be here.

Don't forget about the Mental Health Week resources we used last week.  Simply go back to last week's page and you will see the grids with lots of ideas of how to make yourself smile!

Have a great final week of the half term!

Mr. Moss

Friday Challenge!

Hello and welcome to the final Friday Challenge of this half term!  Today there are two parts to the challenge - see below for part two which runs over half term for a bit of extra fun (and competition).  The challenge I would like to see completed this afternoon at 2.30 is to build a tower as tall as you can.  The tower must be free-standing (not supported by anything like a wall or your arm).  You can make it out of anything you like, big or small - cushions, books, toys.  Please measure the tower and take a picture if possible.  I would love to see them on Dojo or on our Zoom catch up this afternoon.

Good Luck.


Half Term Challenge!

This challenge is meant to be a bit of fun during the holidays.  No work involved.  This is a photography challenge - I would like you to take a really cool photograph and it's completely up to you what you take a picture of.  It might be a really cute picture of a pet or an action shot of you playing a game or doing a trick on your bike/scooter etc.  It could be a great picture of an animal you see when out walking.  Send me the picture on Dojo or show us when we are back on Zoom at 9.15 on Monday 22nd.

Have a great half term break whatever you are doing - have a rest and enjoy a break.

Mr. Moss

Wicked Wednesday!

Starting this week every Wednesday is Wicked Wednesday.  Every Wednesday we want you to spend some time away from the screen and do something that really makes you smile - maybe play with a pet, go for a bike ride/walk, make a video call to friends or family, be creative by making a model or drawing a picture or play board games.  Or you could stay inside, out of the cold, and watch your favourite film.

Whatever you get up to on Wicked Wednesday, please let me know about it - send me a picture or tell us all about it on our daily Zoom catch up.  This will be at the usual time of 9.15am and 2.30pm.

Have a great Wednesday!

Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum have some great interactive stuff on at the moment.  The links here will take you to exhibitions and individual exhibits - there are some fascinating and interesting things to look at and find out about.  Worth spending some time just wandering (virtually) around the museum.

Enjoy your visit!



Remember to log on to the Language Angels website.  Password and Username are both: sacredheartgames