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Home Learning October 2020

Good afternoon, and welcome to this new section on the Year Four page.  Unfortunately I have set this up because we are forced to stay off school again, although thankfully this time it will just be for two weeks.  I can't wait to get back and see you all on the 19th, but until then I will put more Home Learning tasks on here AND on class Dojo.  As always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.  I hope you enjoy some of these tasks - it would be great to see pictures of what you get up to.

Take care

Mr Moss

Maths - column addition with two 3-digit numbers

Maths - column addition two 3-digit numbers

Still image for this video

Maths - column addition two 4-digit numbers

Still image for this video
Watch the video and then open the Word document to have a go at some calculations and challenges

Column addition, two 4-digit numbers

Column addition with carrying or regrouping

Still image for this video
Watch the video and then open the Word document to have a go at some more calculations and a challenge.

Tasks and challenge - column addition with carrying/regrouping

Writing - Over the next few days I will add links to some interesting pictures with various tasks for you to have a go at.  This first one is mysterious and should get you thinking creatively.  Enjoy!


Have a look at this new picture - an interesting split between past and present.




We have recently been learning the names of South American countries as a way of expanding our geographical knowledge.  This series of videos from Oak National Academy will help children learn more about a very exciting continent.


Some of these challenges need basic equipment, others don't.  You can have a go at some of them inside but be careful!


Week 2 - 12th - 16th October

Column Addition - two 4-digit numbers with carrying



Follow this link to find lots of interesting maps which show how the world has changed over time.  A really interesting resource which helps us to see how the world is different now.


Column Addition - 2 4-digit numbers, carrying twice

Maths - Word problems using column addition



Follow the link below to a picture.  Scroll down to see some tasks.


Maths - addition word problems



Our current topic is Living Things and their Habitats.  The link below will take you to some interesting quizzes and information pages.  Enjoy and good luck!

Maths - Addition world problems with more than one step