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Fir Class - Year Four (Mrs Webster)

Fir Class 2018/19

Welcome back to Fir Class for another busy half term!


Religious Education

At Sacred Heart, RE is at center of everything we do.
This half term, we will be exploring the church through The Way, The Truth and The Life. We will be looking at the seven sacraments and considering why this is 'good news' for us. We will also think about the liturgical year and the feasts each season involves. Finally, we will be thinking about the Communion of Saints and how God calls individuals. 






Is deforestation right or wrong? That is what we will be considering through debate and discussion this half term. Children will be learning lots of new vocab linked to this to create a balanced argument and take part in a formal debate where it will be very important to accept different viewpoints. 




Maths will be extremely busy this half term! As always, we will be practicing hard with our times tables using Times Tables Rockstars and using songs and dances. In lessons, we will be finishing a fractions unit, then moving onto the closely linked decimals. Next, we will look at using money, statistics, time and geometry! 


Design Technology

How could you survive on a desert island? What could you eat? We will be developing sensory vocabulary to describe different tastes and textures of food to design a meal suitable for the purpose of surviving! We will need to consider each of the food groups in the Eatwell plate to create a meal that gives us everything our bodies need. 




The Science topic is Living Things and Habitats. We will be exploring our local environment to find, identify and classify living things. We will also look at food chains, producers, predators and prey and how the environment can sometimes pose dangers to living things. 


ICT will be taught on a Wednesday morning my Mrs Sargent. The children will be learning about meteorology. 


The PE session for this half term will be basketball. This will be on a Monday afternoon so please make sure you bring suitable kit for outdoor lessons. 

Important Class Information

Homework - Homework will be given out at the beginning of each new half term and consists of different tasks that are to be completed over the course of the half term. The activities are directly linked to what we will be looking at within class and are designed specifically to be completed by the children independently. This is in order to give the children a sense of responsibility to ensure the tasks are completed on time and also to give them ownership over their own work. The activities are designed to be done in ANY order your child wishes to complete them in and are of varying lengths in order to fit around your family life schedule each week.

There will always be a MyMaths activity to complete each week online (usernames and passwords for these will be given out along with homework folders and, should access to the internet be a problem at home, children will be given a slot to complete these short activities during dinnertimes).


Reading - Reading this year is to be strictly monitored by myself and classroom TA. Children will receive a banded reading book to continue their reading progression and this must be read at least 3 times per week aloud to parents for at least 10 minutes per session. Consistent reading is the only way for children to improve their reading skills which are vital for their school work and so, as well as their banded reading books, the children will be able to choose books from the school library to read for pleasure. Reading Bingo sheets will be sent home, which  are full of age appropriate books for the children to read at home and at school (independently) for chances to win prizes.This Reading Bingo sheet should run alongside their school reading to encourage fun, interest and excitement about reading!