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Oaks Class - Year Two (Mrs Murray)




Welcome to Summer 2.





This term we our topic is called "Buckets and Spades"  We will be learning all about Seaside resorts in the past, looking at the Geography of these resorts and comparing physical and man made features.  In science will be looking at different sorts of materials and will will be making collages in Art.  There is a topic web below in more detail.  To support our Topic work in English we will be using two books "The Lighthouse Keepers collection" and also "Flotsam" by David Wiesner





Religious Education - Rules (Reasons for rules in the Christian family)



I have chosen the way of faithfulness; I set your ordinances before me.

I cling to your decrees,

O Lord; let me not be put to shame.

I run the way of your commandments, for you enlarge my understanding.

Teach me, O Lord, the way of your statutes, and I will observe it to the end.

Give me understanding that I may keep your law and observe it with my whole heart.

(Psalm 119: 30-34)



About our Topic this half term:

Prior Learning God helps us to choose well and to be sorry. God forgives us.

This topic: learning outcomes

Know and understand:

• How rules can help at home and in school – Explore

• The reasons for rules in the Christian family – Reveal

Acquire the skills of assimilation, celebration and application of the above – Respond



John 15: 12

Colossians 3: 10-17

Matthew 18: 21-22





God bless


Mrs Murray and Mrs Duffy



Year 2 is an important year for learning; it is the year when children should become competent and confident in all areas, but particularly in reading, writing and maths. The Year 2 curriculum builds upon and extends the experiences that children have had in Year 1. The children will have a more formal learning environment in Year 2 but they will continue to learn through exciting topics so that they remain motivated, enthused and eager learners.


To ensure that the children become the best that they can be, it is important that support in reading, writing and maths is being provided at home as well as at school.  This may include: listening to your child read at home, helping them with any homework or just simply singing the alphabet or times tables with them before bed. Reading and handwriting with them every night really does help. Also doing any addition and subtraction or 2, 3 5 and 10 times tables will enhance their learning in class. 


Phonics and spelling  will be taught every morning for 20 minutes starting at 9.00am to help with reading, writing and spelling. It is really important that they do not miss these sessions.


Please follow the links below to find out what your children will be learning about this term. Also are the Year 2 expected targets for learning in each area.



If you have any questions or queries about your child’s progress, please don’t hesitate to come and see me after school.


 I hope that your child enjoys the new challenges and approaches to learning that Year 2 has to offer!



Thank you

Mrs Murray

Reading in Year 2

We will be reading in class on a daily basis in guided groups. The children will still be bringing home a book of their choice to read, however, this will not be changed daily or read in class with the teachers. These books will be changed on a Tuesday. I feel it's important to not just read the book but to also talk about the books, asking what they liked or disliked about them.

How else could the story have ended? Even getting them to write about the book is all part of reading and comprehension. This is a great opportunity to read with your children and listen to their fantastic ideas and how they use their imagination.


Homework (Learning Log) 


Homework is given to the children on Friday to be returned the following Wednesday. Homework is a celebration of their learning in class. When homework is returned on Wednesday, we as a class discuss their work and the children are given the opportunity to show their homework to the rest of the class so we can celebrate their achievements together.

Please ensure that your child completes at least one of the tasks suggested. If it is a practical task perhaps the children can write about how they completed it.


Star of the week

During the week children will receive  chance slips for outstanding work and behaviour.  Each day a slip will be picked out of the magic box and the children will collect a small reward. Also this person will be the class helper for the following day. This child will be responsible for helping with jobs in the classroom though out the day .

We also Sam, out class toy friend. On Friday, one child will bring  Sam  home with a diary for the weekend. They will be asked to take record their adventures together.

Please return the bear and book the following Monday so your child can show and share their weekends news.


All children are expected to wear the correct uniform each day. Please ensure that all items are named. Children also need to have their P.E. kits including plimsolls or trainers in school everyday. We expect a greater level of independence from your children now that they are in Year 2. We encourage them to take responsibility for their belongings e.g. jumpers and cardigans and personal organisation at the end of the day. 

In Year 2 we are concentrating on Phase 6.


As children are all individual we will of course continue to revisit the other phases to ensure that your child becomes a confident reader and also able to spell fluently.


I have attached the phases and also the next 200 High frequency words that we will be working towards.




Next 200 high frequency words