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Fir Class - Year Four (Mrs Johnson)

Fir Class 2017/18


Autumn Term


Hello and welcome to Fir Class Autumn term 2! I hope you have all had a lovely and relaxing half term holiday - I can't wait to hear all about your adventures!

This year in Fir Class is going to be full steam ahead and there are lots of exciting things planned in for this term already. let me tell you a little bit about the work we will be doing this half term:


English - Our work in English this half term will be based around fairy tales and traditional stories and we will be writing our very own fairy tales. We will also be completing a very special piece of Christmas narrative writing based on the Michael Morpurgo story 'Coming Home'.



Maths - Maths this half term will concentrate on Place Value, going over what you already know about the number system and then learning new things all about the value of numbers. We will also be practicing our Mental Arithmetic skills each week and continuing with our 99 Club competition (so get practicing those times tables everyone!)


R.E - Our R.E this half term begins by reflecting on Remembrance Day and we will be hosting a Remembrance Day assembly to which families are invited along. 

We will then move on to looking and studying the meaning of advent in the theme of loving (following the Come and See scheme of work) working right up through the nativity story so that we can appreciate and understand the true meaning behind Christmas.

Additionally, we will be looking specifically at the Church's Liturgical Calendar to inform all of our Prayer and Liturgy sessions throughout each week.



Geography and History- In History lessons this half term we will be studying all about the great plague where we will be learning about how the plague orginated, how it spread and the impact it had on the people of London.




Important Class Information

Homework - Homework will be given out at the beginning of each new half term and consists of different tasks that are to be completed over the course of the half term. The activities are directly linked to what we will be looking at within class and are designed specifically to be completed by the children independently. This is in order to give the children a sense of responsibility to ensure the tasks are completed on time and also to give them ownership over their own work. The activities are designed to be done in ANY order your child wishes to complete them in and are of varying lengths in order to fit around your family life schedule each week.

There will always be a MyMaths activity and activity to complete each week online (usernames and passwords for these will be given out along with homework folders and, should access to the internet be a problem at home, children will be given a slot to complete these short activities during dinnertimes).


Reading - Reading this year is to be strictly monitored by myself. Children will receive a banded reading book to continue their reading progression and this must be read at least 3 times per week aloud to parents for at least 10 minutes per session. Consistent reading is the only way for children to improve their reading skills which are vital for their school work and so, as well as their banded reading books, I will be giving each child a Reading Bingo sheet full of age appropriate books for them to read at home and at school (independently) for chances to win prizes if they can read all the books in a line or manage to read all the books of a certain colour. I have chosen these books very carefully and I'm sure everyone will find books they will love on there! This Reading Bingo sheet should run alongside their school reading to encourage fun, interest and excitement about reading!


Swimming - Swimming will take over our P.E slots this half term and will take place each Monday morning. Children will require: a towel, a swimming cap and appropriate swimming attire (swimming trunks or fitted shorts for the boys and one-piece swimming costumes for the girls...goggles etc are not permitted unless a medical reason is provided by parents/carers in writing) Please also be warned that without the right swimming costumes and swimming caps, the children will not be allowed to take part in the swimming lessons for health and safety reasons.

Similarly, items of jewellery that are permitted in school (plain ear studs only) must be able to be removed for swimming or your child will not be able to take part as with all other P.E lessons this year.

Hats can be purchased from Fulwood Leisure Centre in an emergency and cost approx. £1.20...please send a message to me with money if a hat needs to be bought on the day.



A message for parents and carers:



This term I am going to be introducing a new interactive tool for the classroom. It is called 'Seesaw' and is available in most App Stores to download for free at home. Seesaw is a way that the children can see what we have been working on in class, look at pictures from our lessons, see pieces of work from the week, see pictures and videos of themselves and look for any updates from Fir Class.

Our class has its own login QR code which needs to be scanned to allow access (each child will be given access to the QR code in class). They can then look at our updates and see what we have done and, also, what we will be working on the near future!