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Fir Class - Year Four (Miss Maher)

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It is Summer term1, we have lots of fun learning opportunities this term!
This term we will be starting our new topic water water everywhere.  Throughout this topic we will be focusing on Geography and History.

Class Novel 

Our class novel this term is The Brer Rabbit by Enid Blyton, this will link closely to our English Topic; traditional tales, debates and poems on a theme.  Reading a class novel enriches children's vocabulary and gives them a range of experiences with different authors. The children really enjoy listening to stories and it is having a positive impact on their learning.


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This Term in RE we are learning all about The Church. During this time we will be using and developing religious vocabulary and giving reasons for these actions and symbols. Our first week back in school is prayer week, this week we will be focusing on inspirational Christians. We will be looking at JFK and will be focusing on peace. On Friday, we will be presenting the information we have collected and sharing it in a whole school assembly.



Some key questions to think about with your children.


The Church

How does the church family help us?

Why is it important to meet regularly with the church family?

What are the  seasons in the church year?



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Creative Curriculum      

Our topic for Summer term 2 is Ancient Egypt.  
Following on from our school trip we will be learning all about what life was like in Egypt during this time. We will be looking at Ancient civilisation and their way of life. We will also be researching the history of Pharaohs and the impact the river Nile had on the Egyptians.
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This term we will be continuing looking at State of matter. During this time children will be looking at; grouping materials into solids, liquids and gases, research the properties of gases, identify the impacts of heating and cooling and understand the impact of global warming.


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Class Target

Our class target this year is to improve writing in all subjects. Children will be using dictionaries and thesauruses to widen their vocabulary and to improve their writing skills. We will also be focusing on our reading skills and children will have the opportunity to listen to different novels during our school day. As well as having a 1 hour SPaG lesson a week we will also be taking part in SPaG activities prior to our English lessons so that the children have access to a range of punctuation and grammar to improve their writing across all subjects. We will also be having writing days throughout the year to engage children and get them excited about writing.


School Target

As a school one of our main targets this year is to improve ICT skills across the school. Children will be completing 2 sessions of ICT a week.  One of these sessions will be used throughout the creative curriculum where children will be given the opportunity to use programs such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Publisher and to carry out research around their current topic.  The other lesson will focus on the Computing side where children will be learning about how programs work, basic computing skills and debugging. In school we will ensure that children are aware of the dangers of the internet and how they can be safe online. 



This term children will be given the opportunity to go swimming. This will take place every Tuesday morning. If you can ensure your child has a full swimming kit including a swimming cap. This is a great opportunity for your children that is not to be missed and is a very important part of the PE curriculum.







Homework will be given out at the beginning of each half term.  Children will be given homework based on the current work that is going on in school.  Children will be expected to take responsibility for their own learning and become pro-active by completing their homework and bringing it in before the end of the term. If children do not have the facilities available at home to complete their homework they are welcome to arrange a lunch time in which they can complete their homework before the deadline.  See attachment for Homework map for this half term. 


Home Reading

In Fir class children are expected to read and have their book signed 3 times a week.  If you can question them about the book once they have read, this will help them in their writing and reading in school.

Some questions to ask your children during reading at home:

What are the main events in the book?

How are the characters feeling in the story?

Have you read any books with a similar storyline?

How is the text organised in the book?

What do you think is going to happen? Why do you think that?

If you met any of the characters in the book what would you ask them?

Are there any words or phrases in the book that excite you?

It may also be useful to identify any words your child is not sure of and look up the meaning as this will enrich your child's vocabulary.



If you have any queries regarding your child please don't hesitate to contact me after school, or book an appointment with me and I will be happy to discuss any issues.


Miss Maher