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This half term we will be focusing on fictional writing and poetry. Our main focus this half term is improving and building on vocabulary. Our book during our English lessons is The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch. Children will have a range of reading opportunities and will be unpicking the text. At the end of our unit children will have an opportunity to write their own story using our talk for writing approach. 

Please keep your fridge words up in your house as these will come up in some of our English lessons. 


Extra Vocabulary from the Text

Picnic, perched, tended, clearly, polished, concocting, lighthouse, appetising, arrive, scavenging, devoured, accomplice, ingenious, consoling, drooped, lunch, evening, thoughtful, repeated, scrumptious, Surveyed.  


Home Reading

In Oaks class children are expected to read (or be read to) and have their book signed 3 times a week. If you can question them about the book once they have read, this will help them in their writing and reading in school.

Some questions to ask your children during reading at home:

What are the main events in the book?

How are the characters feeling in the story?

Have you read any books with a similar storyline?

What do you think is going to happen? Why do you think that?

If you met any of the characters in the book what would you ask them?

Are there any words or phrases in the book that excite you?

It may also be useful to identify any words your child is not sure of and look up the meaning as this will enrich your child's vocabulary.