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Ash Class - Year Six (Mrs Johnson)


Welcome to Ash Class 2018/19


I hope you have all had a fantastic Summer break...I can't wait to hear all your summer stories! This year in Year Six is going to be a great year - we have loads of brilliant things to do and learn so let's make your last year at Sacred Heart the best ever!


Instead of the usual picture of an Ash Tree or a sign saying Autumn Term, I have chosen to use a picture of a mountain at the top of our class page. I hope you can all remember why I might have used this picture???...That's right - it's SATs Mountain and we're going to be tackling this together this year! We will start at the bottom in base camp and, over the course of the year, we will travel to the top and all the way down the other side - tackling SPaG storms, reading and writing ravines and arithmetic avalanches! When we've battled through all of these together by May, we will reach the top during SATs week and be able to see the amazing view of everything you've learnt over the past 7 years at Sacred Heart and then we can begin the descent that will lead you all to your new challenges in your new lives as Secondary school pupils!


Lets start the adventure!!





This term in our English Lessons we will be looking at classic children's fiction and, in particular, a story some of you might be familiar with: The Wizard of Oz!

We will be researching different examples of classic children's fiction such as Mary Poppins and the Harry Potter Series and we will be identifying what makes them classic stories. We will then look at the Wizard of Oz in detail and then we will be using the basic plot to create our own character to add to the story!

In our SPaG lessons we will be learning about formal and informal language, the use of colons and semi-colons and the use of adverbials for paragraph cohesion which we can then use on our stories.

In our Guided Reading we will be studying examples of classic children's fiction further and reading extracts from stories such as 'Five Children and It', 'Charlotte's Web','Mary Poppins', Harry potter and the Philosopher's Stone' and many others.

Our first Class novel will continue this theme and I will be reading 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone' aloud with you every day (i've been told I do an excellent Dobby the House Elf voice so you can judge for yourselves!)



In our Maths work this half term we will be continuing to work through Arithmetic tests but we will be working together as a class to discuss the types of questions that come up and how to tackle them and I will be sharing tips and tricks to a few of the trickier questions!

In our Maths lessons, we will be working through place value questions and I will be working with you to help tackle reasoning questions based on all aspects of place value and the number system!

We will also be joined by Mrs Bragg in the later half of the week who will be working through multiplication and division with you in class and who will also be working with you in small groups to revise and refresh yourselves on things you may have forgotten!





In our R.E lessons this half term, we will be beginning by looking at how God loves us and shows his love for us through our small unit of work based on 'The Dignity of the Human Person'. We will work to understand that we are all equal in God's eyes and,through the gifts that he has given us, we can understand how each person is uniquely important and irreplaceable.


We will then move onto a CAFOD unit of work 'The Common Good' in order to reflect on our place in our immediate families, local and national communities and even our responsibilities to the international community of mankind. We will look at the work that CAFOD has done to help those in need around the world and reflect on how our actions as Christians should help shape the world using the examples and teachings of Jesus in our everyday lives.



Curriculum Information


If you would like to look at any of the other topics we will be working on this half term then please click on the 'Curriculum Map Autumn1' below...this will tell you what we will be studying and the aims of our units of work for History, Science, MFL, P.E and others.

Spelling – Weekly spellings will no longer be sent home.  Children will participate in 5 spelling sessions a fortnight where they will be taught a range of strategies to aid them in their written work.  Extra sessions will be addressed by the teacher and any gaps in the children’s learning will be supported accordingly.  Each week children will be taught a new word and its meaning.  Throughout the week they will challenge themselves to use the word confidently, a minimum of 3 times in their independent work.


Reading – Getting children to read for leisure can be difficult.  So, this year we will be using the 'Reading Bingo' idea.  The thinking behind reading bingo is to get children to widen their horizons by reading types of books that they wouldn't normally read.  Making this into a game brings out their competitive spirit and gets them to ask questions about what all the different genres are if they're not too sure.  If they get 4 in a row, they get a special prize!  An additional reward will be given if they complete the whole card.  Children will be quizzed and set activities based on the book to ensure they  have understood what they have read fully.


Homework - Children will be given a set of English and Maths SATs revision and activity guides and will be expected to complete and activity in each one every week. The tasks should take no longer than half an hour as they are revision activities and should contain things that are familiar.  

 Rewards will be awarded at the end of the half term for those children who have completed all the activities.  Please encourage your child to attempt each activity as this will prepare them for Secondary school and the increase in homework they will be expected to complete.






PE – PE lessons will take place on a Friday afternoon each week.  Please ensure children have their PE kit in school on these days.  PE kit must include shorts, t-shirt and pumps.  In Winter months, we will try to use the outside provision for our lessons and so children are permitted to wear tracksuits and trainers during these sessions.

  All earrings must be removed prior to the lesson and long hair must be tied back.