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Ash Class - Year Six (Mrs Johnson)

Hello Ash Class 2016/17

Welcome back for Summer Term

(Parent and child resources available at bottom of page - including practice SAT papers)




This term the children will continue to work hard towards their SAT tests which will begin on the 8th May.

In these final few weeks, it is extremely important that your child gets plenty of sleep, eats lots of healthy food (after all the Easter eggs have been eaten of course) and arrives at school on time every day.

 These tests are important and the children already understand that they must work hard and do their very best but I do want to make sure that they do not feel pressured or stressed in the final couple of days - the tests only measure a small area of academic achievement not all the other wonderful personal, educational and life achievements your children gain and so I want them to always remember how brilliant they are no matter what happens with their SAT tests.

I have absolute faith that they will all try their best and that their marks will show just what a fantastic group of children they are!

Well done to all the children who worked to complete the SAT practice papers and online activities over the Easter all did a great can still access some practice papers at the bottom of this page should you wish to have a go at some more questions.





SATs aren't the only thing on the agenda for Ash Class this half term - we will be beginning to practice our end of year performance which I can reveal is going to be a swash buckling, timber shivering play called 'Pirates of the Curry Bean'. The children will all have parts to play and will take control of the set design and costume making (we will need some help with these please if there are any parents/carers who are a dab hand with a paint brush or are budding costume designers so please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you)!



Also, we have many other exciting things to look forward to such as: creative writing for our writing moderation; a historical project based on World War II, through which we will be incorporating aspects of art and design; planning and attempting to create our own apps through our ICT lessons; invasions games in our P.E lessons and, not forgetting, tackling transitions to High Schools.




A message for parents and carers.



This term I am going to be introducing a new interactive tool for the classroom. It is called 'Seesaw' and is available in most App Stores to download for free at home. Seesaw is a way that the children can see what we have been working on in class, look at pictures from our lessons, see pieces of work from the week, see pictures and videos of themselves and look for any updates from Ash Class

.Our class has its own login QR code which needs to be scanned to allow access (each child will be given access to the QR code in class). They can then look at our updates and see what we have done and, also, what we will be working on the near future!


Reading - This term in Year Six we will be using READING BINGO as a way to encourage a love of reading.

 Year 6 children should be reading as much as possible within the week in order to improve:


Using Reading Bingo, children will be asked to choose whole novels they wish to read from a list of set texts (all age appropriate for 10 and 11 year olds). The children will then read the entire book and be able to answer questions about it to ensure they have read the book thoroughly before it is signed off by Miss Lennon. If the children read each book in a column or row; or each colour; or manage to achieve a full house then they will gain a certificate and a prize!


  Their reading records must be signed at least 3 times each week to ensure that each child is taking part in the Reading Bingo challeneg. It is important for the children to understand the text they have read so if you can question the children this will help towards their SAT's.  Children need to be able to answer questions about the text but also to be able to explain their thoughts using the text as evidence.

Some questions you may want to use:


Where does the story take place?

When did the story take place?

What did the character look like?

Where did the character live?

Who are the key characters in the book?

What happened in the story?

What kinds of people in the story?

Explain something that happened at a specific point in the story?



Spellings - Children will not be given weekly spellings but to ensure that they are prepared for High School they must still practice the Year 5/6 spellings I have given them  - the lists for all KS2 spellings are attached on this page. I have also attached a glossary for SPaG terminology which may be useful when working through any revision with the children this term. These Grammar and Punctuation terms are not necessarily child friendly but should go some way to helping you at home understand what the children have been learning about in SPaG lessons.


PE - PE lessons will take place on a Monday afternoon. Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school each week.  Where possible, I will try to get outside for our PE this half term so children are encouraged to bring warmer PE kits, e.g. tracksuit bottoms and tops, to ensure they are warm enough.  Please ensure all children's uniform and PE kit is LABELLED with their names.



Homework - The children's homework for this half term is to complete the assignments given out each week from their SAT's revision guides. There will be one Grammar and one Maths assignment each week available online or in their SAT revision books. These assignments MUST be completed on time and on a regular basis to consolidate learning done in school.

If your child is struggling then please let me know...I am always here to help and it is much better to ask for help than struggle on!




Water - Children are encouraged to drink plenty of water throughout the school day.  Children are allowed to bring their own water bottles into school.  Water will be available to those children who do not have a water bottle.  Please ensure all bottles are labelled with your child's name.


If you would like to contact me to discuss anything then please let me know at the end of the school day or leave a message with Mrs Thompson at Reception or a member of staff on duty outside every morning.


Mrs Johnson smiley