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Ash Class - Year Six (Mrs Clark)

 English - In our English lessons we will be writing a chapter using characters and/or plot structures from a classic novel, The Wizard of Oz.  We will be using the structure of the chapters about The Scarecrow, The Tin Woodman and The Cowardly Lion from The Wizard of Oz, to create an additional character and write their own chapter.


Key learning in Reading

  • Understand underlying themes, causes and consequences within whole texts.
  • Regularly listen to whole novels read aloud by the teacher from an increasing range of authors, which they may not choose themselves.
  • Compare texts written in different periods.
  • Analyse the conventions of different types of writing e.g. use of dialogue to indicate historical settings for a story.
  • Express preferences about a wider range of books including fiction from our literary heritage
  • Explore new vocabulary in context.
  • Making comparisons within and across texts.
  • Demonstrate active reading strategies e.g. challenging peers with questions, justifying opinions, responding to different viewpoints within a group.
  • Justify opinions and elaborating by referring to the text e.g. Point + Evidence + Explanation.


Key learning in Writing

  • Investigate and collect a range of synonyms and antonyms e.g. mischievous, wicked, evil, impish, spiteful, well-behaved.
  • Use devices to build cohesion between paragraphs in narrative e.g. in the meantime, meanwhile, in due course, until then.
  • Select appropriate vocabulary and language effects, appropriate to task, audience and purpose, for precision and impact.
  • Use devices to build cohesion. 

Maths – This half term we will be focussing on the four operations. It is important that we spend a lengthy period of time working on a particular block of content and National Curriculum objectives.  We know that breaking the curriculum down into small manageable steps will help children understand concepts better, so this year we will follow a small steps approach.  


Number: Decimals

Identify the value of each digit in numbers given to three decimal places and multiply numbers by 10, 100 and 1000 giving answers up to 3 decimal places (dp).

Multiply one digit numbers with up to 2dp by whole numbers.

Use written division methods in cases where the answer has up to two decimal places.

Solve problems which require answers to be rounded to specified degrees of accuracy.


Number: Percentages

Solve problems involving the calculation of percentages [for example, of measures such as 15% of 360] and the use of percentages for comparison.

Recall and use equivalences between simple FDP including in different contexts.



Solve problems involving the calculation and conversion of units of measure, using decimal notation up to three decimal places where appropriate.

Use, read, write and convert between standard units, converting measurements of length, mass, volume and time from a smaller unit of measure to a larger unit, and vice versa, using decimal notation to up to 3dp.

Convert between miles and kilometres.

Recognise that shapes with the same areas can have different perimeters and vice versa.

Recognise when it is possible to use formulae for area and volume of shapes.

Calculate the area of parallelograms and triangles.

Calculate, estimate and compare volume of cubes and cuboids using standard units, including cm3, m3 and extending to other units (mm3, km3).




Spelling – Weekly spellings will no longer be sent home.  Children will participate in 5 spelling sessions a fortnight where they will be taught a range of strategies to aid them in their written work.  Extra sessions will be addressed by the teacher and any gaps in the children’s learning will be supported accordingly.  Each week children will be taught a new word and its meaning.  Throughout the week they will challenge themselves to use the word confidently, a minimum of 3 times in their independent work.


Reading – Getting children to read for leisure can be difficult.  So, this year we will be using the 'Reading Bingo' idea.  The thinking behind reading bingo is to get children to widen their horizons by reading types of books that they wouldn't normally read.  Making this into a game brings out their competitive spirit and gets them to ask questions about what all the different genres are if they're not too sure.  If they get 4 in a row, they get a special prize!  An additional reward will be given if they complete the whole card.  Children will be quizzed and set activities based on the book to ensure they  have understood what they have read fully.


Homework - Children will be given a grid containing 8 activities linked to the topic we are studying.  

Children are encouraged to complete as many activities as they can within the half term.  Rewards will be awarded at the end of the half term for those children who have completed all the activities.  Please encourage your child to attempt each activity as this will prepare them for Secondary school and the increase in homework they will be expected to complete.






PE – PE lessons will take place on a Monday afternoon each week.  Please ensure children have their PE kit in school on these days.  PE kit must include shorts, t-shirt and pumps.  In Winter months, we will try to use the outside provision for our lessons.  Children are permitted to wear tracksuits and trainers during these sessions.  All earrings must be removed prior to the lesson and long hair must be tied back.


Water – We encourage all children to drink plenty of water throughout the day.  Bottles are provided in class and filled fresh each morning. 


A message for parents and carers.



This term we will continue to use 'Seesaw'. Seesaw is a way that the children can see what we have been working on in class, look at pictures from our lessons, see pieces of work from the week, see pictures and videos of themselves and look for any updates from Ash Class

.Our class has its own login QR code which needs to be scanned to allow access (each child will be given access to the QR code in class). They can then look at our updates and see what we have done and, also, what we will be working on the near future!